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RP-SMA Adapters

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Our RP-SMA adapters are precision machined and gold or nickel-plated for resistance to the elements and low loss.

RP-SMA female connector is also called "RP-SMA jack" and RP-SMA-male is also called "RP-SMA plug."

Our antenna cable adapters are compatible and compliant for all types of wireless applications, including:

RP-SMA = Reverse Polarity SMA. RP-SMA is a round screw-type connector, with medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors.

The length of our standard RP-SMA-female connectors (threaded part) on adapters is 3/8 inches. 

Diameters of RP-SMA male and female connectors:

  • RP-SMA female outside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm):  Accommodates a hex nut (bulkhead nut) with 5/16" nominal outer diameter
  • RP-SMA male inside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm)(the inside diameter where the threads are).
  • RP-SMA-female requires a 6.5mm hole.

RP-SMA Adapter Composition: 

  • Center Contact: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
  • Connector Body: Gold-plated brass or nickel-plated brass
  • Insulators: PTFE

Lead-free and ROHS compliant: All of our RF adapters and antenna cables are ROHS compliant.

Impedance-matched to 50 ohm antennas and cables.

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