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Mounts for Antennas & Gear

Antenna Mount Types:  Common antenna mounting options


This is a thick sheet of aluminum or stainless steel, made into an L-shaped bracket for wall mounts and pole mounts. Bolting holes on the bracket are made to accommodate cables and antenna. Their sizes vary for different antenna sizes.

Magnetic Mounts

Magnetic mounts have a magnetic base to securely attach onto a magnetic surface such as a vehicle’s body. It is used for small lightweight RP-SMA / SMA omnidirectional antennas.

Pole Mounts

Pole mounts usually incorporate L-mounts and U-bolts and sometimes a mast. Some antennas require special brackets for pole mounting. The mounting point has adjustable height, pitch, and direction. Pole mounts are favored for mounting sectoral antennas

Roof Mounts

For roof mounting, there are three popular methods; Using non-penetrating mounts (which are held down by weights), bolted tripods, and J-mounts. Roof mounts are built with pitch and height adjustments. Data Alliance carries two tile roof mount options.  Antenna specific roof mounts are also available.

It is important to assess the load bearing ability of a roof before mounting heavy antennas on it, especially when using non-penetrating roof mounts. 

Tripod Mounts

Tripods mounts are generally used for larger antennas such as parabolic, including for heavy satellite dish antennas. They have precise adjustments for dish orientation and a stable anchorage. Tripods can be placed on level ground or rooftops. 

U-Bolt Mounts

These are U-shaped bolts with threading on either side. They are used as part of another type of mount, to clamp brackets on mounts such as L-mounts and to clamp antennas onto masts. Their sizes vary for use on different masts, they can also be right-angled to clamp square pipes.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounting can be achieved by using J-poles, L-mounts, wall brackets or U-bolts. The J-pole, also called J-mount, is a curved or angled mast commonly used for wall mounts due to its adjustable features. Wall brackets may be specific to antenna. 

Window Mounts

Window mounts, used for small portable antennas for temporally mounting has a base with a rubber suction cup that can easily attach and detach from smooth surfaces such as windows and walls. 
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