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U.FL connector - Antennas with

Data Alliance can customize most of our antennas that have cables, to have a U.FL connector on the cable, for orders of 40 or more. 

U.FL Antennas:  How To Install and Care for / About U.FL Connectors

Data Alliance offers a U.FL insertion tool,to aid in the installation (and disconnection of the connector, if necessary) of the U.FL female right-angle connector at the end of the antenna's cable, to a male U.FL jack (male U.FL connector) embedded in a device's circuit board.  When the external antenna is connected to the jack, signal transmission and receiving power will be diverted to it via this connection. 

Care and Maintenance of a U.FL Cable and Connector

It is important to note that though a range of external antennas and antenna cables come with U.FL connectors, this connection was not originally designed for frequent detachment and reattachment. Care also should be taken with exposure of the connection to air, moisture and dirt which will increase impedance at the connection and thus impair the functioning of the antenna.

Disable an Internal Antenna Where Present

If an internal (or surface mounted) antenna is also present, this will have to be disabled or disconnected for diversion of the TX/RX via the U.FL jack to the external UFL antenna.

About U.FL Connectors

U.FL is a key low impedance connector type for antennas for Bluetooth Beacons, an ever expanding range of Internet of Things (IOT) applications, WiFi, RFID (Radio Rrequency ID), and GPS.

The U.FL coaxial connector, originally designed by Japanese electronics company Hirose, consists of a surface-mounted male part and female part that is attached to the antenna or a connecting cable. This mating connection keeps impedance to a minimum.

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