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MMCX connector

The MMCX Connector

The Micro Miniature Coaxial (MMCX) is a smaller version of the Micro coaxial connector (MCX) that were radio frequency connectors first designed in the 1980s. MMCX connectors are designed with a lock-snap mechanism that makes it possible to rotate the antennas 360 degrees. They also provide broadband capability from DC to 6GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohms. 

Their small diameters make miniaturization of the hardware of the wireless networks even more efficient. They will easily snap on to the jack of a router board or mini PCI card and will also easily snap off when you need them to. The connectors are smaller than the original MCX and can be crimped onto RG 178, RG 316, or RG 174 coaxial cables. 

The cables are flexible thin and comfortable yet they can stand up to high vibration conditions without getting damaged or disconnecting. You can also quickly and easily swap them out without damaging them. MMCX connectors are typically made of stainless steel or brass with nickel plating for the solder and gold plating for the contacts.

Antennas with MMCX connector
Antennas with MMCX connectors use MMCX connectors to provide a direct VTX connection. They are small, lightweight and efficient antennas that come with RF pathway technologies that are the reason for their light small profiles.  While they are lightweight and small, they give great performance and will outperform many other antennas with other connector type.  This means that you get a strong and clear signal on a wide range of frequencies for your first-person view (FPV) applications.
MMCX antenna is very flexible and convenient as you can get them as right angle or straight through connectors. Given that they are lightweight, small and flexible, they are great for portable, small or handheld devices such as:

1. Computer peripheral devices
2. Wireless internet TV
3. External GPS antennas
4. Wireless audio
5. In ear monitors
6. GPS and PDA receivers
7. Wi-Fi mini PCI cards and 
8. Video transmitters for First Person View
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