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412-440MHz Antennas

433MHz Frequency Band 412-440 MHz - Applications

The 412-440 MHz frequency spectrum falls around the ISM band of 433.050 MHz to 434.790 MH for low power devices (LPD433). The band is differently allocated and licensed in different regions. In most European countries under CEPT administration, 433 MHz is free to use on short-range, low power devices with varying legal specifications. For some countries in Asia and North America, use of 433 MHz spectrum is restricted to government and RFID devices. 

Local administrative laws and RF governing body set different regulations regarding the nature of use of the RF frequency 433 MHz. where allowed, this frequency band has a common restriction on the range and use. The range is limited to 100 meters and a transmission of 30 seconds every 10 seconds.

This band of frequencies is popular in wireless remote controls and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. This frequency is favored for its low power consumption, and cheaper assembly components compared to alternative higher frequency ISM bands. Common applications include:
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Wireless instruments
  • Remote control devices
  • RFID devices 
  • Amateur radio
  • Amateur satellites
  • Government radar devices
The range of frequency between 412-440 MHz is typically allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellites in non-restricted regions. The range of the spectrum and user restrictions vary considerably in different regions.
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