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RP-SMA Cables & Adapters


Versions & Dimensions of RP-SMA connectors

RP-SMA Connector Dimensions RP-SMA Diameter
Hex Net for RP-SMA-female bulkhead connector:  Dimensions RP-SMA female connector Flange options:  7/16-inch and 5/16-inch
L-mount bracket for antenna with RP-SMA Connector

RP-SMA Connector Characteristics and Details

  • RP-SMA female and male diameter:
    • RP-SMA female outside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm): Accommodates a hex nut (bulkhead nut) with 5/16" nominal outer diameter
    • RP-SMA male inside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm) (the inside diameter where the threads are).
  • RP-SMA Gender Determination:  Key Points
    • RP-SMA gender is counter-intuitive: Please observe picture & note it is correct.  
    • The gender is referring to the pins inside--not the threads. RP-SMA male has threads on inside.
    • RP-SMA male has a socket inside rather than a pin, as you might expect, because the RP stands for "Reverse Polarity."  The socket/pin configuration is female when it appears to be male, and vice versa.
    • More details regarding RP-SMA gender determination.
  • Other RP-SMA Characteristics and Key Points
    • RP-SMA-male is also called "plug" and SMA female connector is also called "jack"
    • We offer an RP-SMA wrench to assist in installing antennas, cables and adapters with RP-SMA or SMA connector(s).
    • RP-SMA-male connector fits items that have an SMA-female connector.
    • RP-SMA is a round screw-type connector, with medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors that are rated for frequencies from the lowest (DC) up to 18GHz.
    • RP-SMA connectors are not compatible with the common, commercially available Type F coaxial connector. Type F connectors look similar but are of slightly different size and will not pair with RP-SMA or SMA connectors without an adapter.
    • We offer an RPSMA wrench to assist in installing antennas, cables and adapters with SMA or RP-SMA connector(s).
    • RP SMA is also known as SMA RP, SMA-R, SMA-RP, SMA R

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