RP-SMA Connector Specifications, Applications, Key Characteristics, Composition

RP-SMA: Specifications and Key Characteristics

Materials Composition of RP-SMA Connectors

  • RP-SMA is a variant of the SMA connector, called Reverse Polarity SMA. It is also known as SMA-RP, SMA-R. The only difference between RP-SMA and SMA is the orientation of the pin and socket, in the interior part of the connector (see photos).
  • RP-SMA gender is counter-intuitive: Please observe picture & note it is correct. The gender is referring to the pins inside--not the threads. RP-SMA male has threads on inside. More details regarding RP-SMA gender determination.
  • RP-SMA-male is also called "plug" and RP-SMA female connector is also called "jack."
  • RP-SMA is a round screw-type connector, with medium-sized, threaded coupling connector that is rated for frequencies from the lowest (DC) up to 18GHz.
  • RP-SMA connectors are not compatible with the common, commercially available Type F coaxial connector. Type F connectors look similar but are of slightly different size and will not pair with RP-SMA connectors without an adapter.

Materials Composition of RP-SMA-male Connectors

  • Connector Body:
    • Connectors for indoor use have a gold-plated brass body (in almost all cases), because this is the best alloy for the connector-body (unless intended for outdoor use).
    • Connectors for outdoor use that are expected to be exposed to water or weather have a nickel-plated brass body, which is the best protection from corrosion and rust. RP-SMA adapters for outdoor use are always made with nickel-plated brass.
    • In summary: Most RP-SMA connectors for antenna cables have a gold-plated brass body, and in cases in which the RP-SMA cables or RP-SMA antennas are intended for outdoor use, we can make them with a nickel-plated brass body for corrosion protection.
  • Center Contact: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated. Gold is a highly effective conductor and is resistant to corrosion. The gold plating ensures low signal loss with a consistently high-quality connection, even with frequent mating and de-mating cycles over time.
  • Crimp Ferrule: Nickel Plated Copper
  • Insulators: PTFE, which insolates the central conductor from the outer shielding, preventing short-circuits and interference. PTFE has high resistance to heat and is an excellent insulator.

RP-SMA-female connector with o-ring embedded in the bulkhead / flange


  1. We offer an RP-SMA wrench to assist in installing antennas, cables and adapters with RP-SMA or SMA connector(s).
  2. Data Alliance's RP-SMA connectors are precision machined for low loss in ISO 9001 facilities.

Posted by George Hardesty on 11th Nov 2023

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