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Bluetooth Antennas

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology used for exchanging data across short distances.

Bluetooth antennas are designed for use on devices running at 2.4GHz. sizes range from miniature to sub-miniature connections, using RP-SMA, SMA and U.FL connectors. Cable sizes and types vary depending on the connector used. Most Bluetooth antennas are omnidirectional, but small directional antennas of 2.4GHz are options for BlueTooth. Mounting options include through-hole, surface mounts, wall and pole mounts. We carry a number of weatherproofed Bluetooth antennas for outdoor use. 

Small devices such as cell phones cannot be fitted with an external Bluetooth antenna. Here is a list including some devices that can accommodate an external Bluetooth antenna.

• Bluetooth audio receivers
• Bluetooth instruments

• Broadcast video systems
• PCI Bluetooth adaptors
• Wireless microphone receivers
• Wireless P.A Systems

Different Bluetooth devices have different antenna compatibility. matching the right antenna to the right device is done by checking connector compatibility and frequency rating. Range and gain are variables depending on antenna’s brand. Connector adapters can also be used where the device and antenna have different connectors.
Since its invention by Ericson in 1994, Bluetooth has been a replacement for short-range wired communication. Transceivers are designed to run on low power and are produced at a low cost. This makes fitting an antenna onto some Bluetooth devices necessary to increase range and reduce noise. 
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