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Ubiquiti Power over Ethernet Products

Power over Ethernet Adapters also known as POE Injectors power Ubiquiti products conveniently over the ethernet cable that connects the device to the network.  

Protection for Devices
POE switches protect devices against ESD events through built-in surge protection and grounding technology.  Electrostatic discharge often referred to as ESD is the main cause of outdoor devices failing. With a POE injector combined with TOUGHCable connectors and TOUGHCable, you will have several features to protect your devices. These include:

1. Surge protection
2. AC cable with earth ground
3. Clamping protection
4. Peak pulse current, and 
5. Maximum surge discharge

Compatibility with the airGateway
Not many adaptors are designed to work seamlessly with the airGateway. The airGateway is a high performance and convenient WISP customer WI-Fi solution, which makes it possible to power the outdoor airMAX CPE with indoor client devices.

Convenient Wall-Mounting
Several models such as the 24V, 0.5A models POE-24-12W-G, and POE-24-12W are made to be wall mountable. They come with wall mount brackets that you can opt to use if you prefer to have your injectors on the wall.
PoE Adapters work with most Ubiquiti devices, including:
1. airFiber
2. UFiber
3. AirMAX
4. UnifFi LED
5. EdgeMAX
6. UniFi Video/airVision
7. MFi and
8. UniFi
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