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Lightning Surge Protectors

Lightning Surge Protectors

Electronic devices and equipment including network and telecommunication tools are susceptible to damage caused by power surge. A power surge is an unexpected spike in power parameters that can be caused by electrostatic discharge, irregular power supply, poor wiring and the most common source being nearby lightning strikes.

Lightning strikes can cause severe power surge to delicate communication equipment such as access points, bridges, antennas and transmitters through Ethernet and antenna cables. Lightning surge protectors are proven to provide an acceptable level protection from lightning surges, avoiding equipment malfunction and even damage.

The lightning surge protectors work by eliminating power spikes along transmission cables. They are connected to the cable in a back-to-back junction, either Ethernet or coaxial cable. The surge protector shunts any transient charges through a semiconductor to a ground reference.

Surge protectors are available for RJ45 Ethernet connectors and a variety of coaxial connectors including the popular N-type, SMA, and RP-SMA  at their rated frequencies.

Lightning surge protectors are rated with a specific clamping voltage. This is the maximum voltage that can pass through a surge protector. They also have an energy absorption rating expressed in joules, this is the maximum amount of energy the device can absorb in its lifetime before a malfunction or permanent failure. Typical lightning protectors for telecommunication equipment are rated at 70V and 400-600 Joules. 
Data Alliance's L-mounts are compatible to mount lightning surge arrestors with  N-typeSMA, and RP-SMA connectors.
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