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U.FL to FME Cables

U.FL Connector to FME connector Antenna Cables

The U.FL is a micro-coax connector made for micro-coax only such 1.13 coaxial cable and is often used as an embedded connector inside a device.  U.FL is also known as Ultra Miniature Coax Connectors (UMCC)
U.FL cables connect antennas to the circuit board of Bluetooth beacons, RFID and IOT (Internet of Things) devices, which are smaller, lighter, and thinner.require connectors that not only have an extremely low mating height to fit in their small profile but also ones that will can be easily mated to the jack, and unmated if necessary. 

FME cables, adapters and connectors are typically used in cellular data applications.  FME-Male is usually nickel plated brass and features a thread on the inside of the barrel and a pin. FME-Female, on the other hand, is long with a thread on the outside of the barrel and with a white nipple extending from the base of the connector. 
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