RG174 compared to LMR-100 Coax : Shielding and Signal Loss

RG174 and LMR-100 Coax Cable:

ATTENUATION Signal Loss: dB/ft. Signal Loss: dB/ft.
Frequency (Mhz) RG174 LMR-100
100 0.088 0.038
200 0.140 0.100
400 0.220 0.146
500 0.159
900 0.300 0.228
1000 0.320
1500 0.301
2400 0.750 0.390

RG174 Compared to LMR-100

RG174 is a small, flexible, coax for antenna cables, with an American Wire Gauge of 26. Its diameter is 2.79mm (0.11 inches). Its relatively small diameter, flexibility, high speed and efficient data transfer makes it an ideal choice for  a wide range of contemporary and consumer applications including:

  • Security and access control
  • Automation and IoT networking
  • GPS
  • Wireless networking such as LAN/WAN

RG174 Physical Characteristics:

RG174's structure is typical of coaxial cables and is comprised of the following layers and materials:

  • Central conductor: 7 strands of stranded copper clad steel (CCS), with a diameter of 0.483mm (0.019 inches).
  • Dielectric: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which contributes water resistance and flexibility to the cable. Dielectric diameter is 1.55mm (0.06 inches)
  • Outer shielding: A single layer of tinned copper with coverage of between 88% and 90% depending on manufacturer.
  • Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) a flexible weather resistant coating, with good flame resistance. Due to its material composition (plastics), the operating temperature of this cable is between -40 and 80 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees to 176 degrees Fahrenheit).

Electrical profile of RG174

The impedance of RG174 is typically 50 Ohm. The conductor resistance is a maximum of 142.4 Ohm and dielectric resistance is at least 1000 Ohm. The maximum frequency transmitted this cable is 1GHz.

Posted by George Hardesty on 7th Nov 2019

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