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Locos, Rockets, Bullets, NanoStations

Ubiquiti AirMax Outdoor Wireless

Airmax is Ubiquiti’s global standard for last mile connectivity. It now connects millions of people across the most remote areas of the planet and in urban areas.

Airmax uses hi-performance iso stations and Nanobeams for noise reduction in urban areas and high-performance power beams and lite beams to increase range in rural areas.  You can get the complete Ubiquiti Networks full airMax software suit with no licensing, software, or support fees and manage, plan, and configure your network from anywhere. 

Airmax may be used in both short distance and long distance point to point links using the following devices:

Point to Point Short Distance Links (0-5KM)
1. NanoStation – The Nanostation is very good for short distance links and since it comes with airMax AC technology and dual Ethernet port capability which makes it great for video surveillance.
2. NanoStation Loco – The Nanostation Loco is great for short distance links given that it also comes with airMax technology, and often provides the lowest cost point to point solution.

Point to Point Long Distance Links (15KM+)
Rocket 5AC – This comes with up to 450Mbps IP/TCIP, which means that it is excellent for high-performance links over long distances of over 15km and up to 100km. 

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
AirMax CPE can be used for different ranges of distances using the following devices:

Short distances (0-3KM) 
1. NanoBeam 5AC-G2 – This is a newer more directive standard that replaces the older NanonBeam 5AC-19 and provides greater range. 
2. Bullet M2 Titanium – With a throughput of up to 100+ Mbps TCP/IP, it is excellent for high-performance links. It provides excellent Point to Multipoint connections and Point to Point bridging at more than 50km.

Medium distance (3-7KM)
1. LiteBeam 5AC – The new industry standard for the latest airMAX AC CPEs that uses MIMO technology, very narrow bandwidths and comes at relatively low prices. 
2. PowerBeam 5AC – The highly directive CPE is great for urban areas as it reduces noise and has better range.

Long distance (7+KM)
1. Rocket 5AC-Lite + RocketDish LW – The combination makes for some of the best performance, though it can be unsightly as a CPE, and is typically more expensive than opting for an integrated design. 
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