BulletM2HP Wireless-N 802.11N/G/B 600 Mbps Bridge/Access Point - Ubiquiti

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Same performance & functions as Bullet2HP Wireless-N MIMO technology


One end of the BulletM2HP has an N-male antenna connector and the other end has a standard RJ-45 network cable jack.

Up to 600mW of TX power and enhanced receiver design: Bullet M is ideal for long-distance links.

Zero-Variable Wireless Infrastructure Deployment with 600mW TX

  • No radio card / host board issues
  • No RF cable quality concerns
  • No mechanical stability concerns
  • No enclosure mounting requirements

Bullet does not include aPoE injectoror power supply. Recommended DC voltage range is 10V to 24V. Examples of compatible POE devices: Ubiquiti SKUs:POE15 for $12.99orPOE24. If you are using a longer cable run with the POE it is best to use24-volt: POE24.

Featuring Powerful AirOS Software and Linux SDKBullet ships standard with the powerful and intuitive AirOS by Ubiquiti Networks. It also is supported by a Linux SDK to encourage open source development.

Reliable System PerformanceThe Bullet features a signal strength LED meter for antenna alignment, a low-loss integrated N-type RF connector, and a quick and robust weatherproof design.

One end of the BulletM2HP has an N-male plug and the other end has a standard RJ-45 network cable jack.

Also included with Bullet M is AirOS V, the latest evolution in Ubiquiti's AirOS interface. AirOS V maximizes wireless performance for Ubiquiti M Series products.

Technical Specs

Processor Specs Theros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz
Memory Information 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Networking Interface 1 X 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat. 5, RJ-45) Thernet Interface
Wireless Approvals FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
RoHS Compliance YES
  DataRate Avg TX Tolerance   DataRate Sensitivity Tolerance
11b/g 6 - 24 Mbps 28 dBm 2dB 11b/g 24Mbps -86 dBm 2dB
36 Mbps 25 dBm 2dB 36Mbps -80 dBm 2dB
48 Mbps 24 dBm 2dB 48Mbps -77 dBm 2dB
54 Mbps 23 dBm 2dB 54Mbps -75 dBm 2dB
11n MCS0 28 dBm 2dB 11n MCS0 -96 dBm 2dB
MCS1 28 dBm 2dB MCS1 -95 dBm 2dB
MCS2 28 dBm 2dB MCS2 -92 dBm 2dB
MCS3 28 dBm 2dB MCS3 -90 dBm 2dB
MCS4 27 dBm 2dB MCS4 -86 dBm 2dB
MCS5 25 dBm 2dB MCS5 -83 dBm 2dB
MCS6 23 dBm 2dB MCS6 -77 dBm 2dB
MCS7 22 dBm 2dB MCS7 -74 dBm 2dB
Outdoor (Antenna Dependent): Over 50km
RF Connector Integrated N-type Male Jack (connects directly to antenna)
Enclosure Size 15.2cm. lenght x 3.7 cm. widths
Weight 0.18kg
Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stab alized Plastic.
Max Power Consumption 7 Watts
Power Rating Up to 24V
Power Method Passive Power over Thernet (pairs 4,5; 7,8 return)
Operating Temperature -40C to 80C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
Shock and Vibration ETSI300-019-1.4
"Related Products" are external-antennas with N-female connector (compatible with Bullet).


BULLETM2HP:  El mismo rendimiento y funciones que Bullet2HP Wireless-N la tecnolog?a MIMO


Un extremo de la BulletM2HP tiene un conector de antena N-macho y el otro extremo tiene un conector para cable de red RJ-45 estendar.

Hasta 600mW de potencia TX y el diseo del receptor mejorado: Bullet M es ideal para enlaces de larga distancia.

Zero-Variable Despliegue de Infraestructura inal?mbrica con 600mW TX

  • No hay problemas de carton / locutor de radio
  • No hay problemas de calidad de cable de RF
  • No hay problemas de estabilidad mec?nica
  • No hay requisitos de montaje del recinto

Bala no incluye un inyector PoE o fuente de alimentacion. Recomendado rango de voltaje de DC 10V a 24V es. Ejemplos de dispositivos PoE compatible: Ubiquiti SKU: POE15 por $12.99 o POE24. Si utiliza un cable m?s la go plazo con el POE lo mejor es utilizar 24 voltios: POE24.

Con potente AirOS Software y Linux SDK?Bullet barcos de serie con el AirOS potentes e intuitivas de Ubiquiti Networks.?Tambi?n se apoya en un Linux SDK para fomentar el desarrollo de codigo abierto.

Rendimiento del sistema confiable?

Un extremo de la BulletM2HP tiene un conector N-macho y el otro extremo tiene un conector para cable de red RJ-45 estendar. Tambien se incluye con Bullet M es AirOS V, la ultima evolucion en la interfaz de AirOS de Ubiquiti. AirOS V maximiza el rendimiento inal?mbrico de Ubiquiti productos M Series.


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    Solid Legacy Product

    Posted by Richard on 20th Jan 2018

    ...having a 15dbi omni-antenna and needing a reliable link to 3 homes in a rural tropical setting with lotsa screening palm trees, I opted for a Bullet. This is no LOS environment but signals are still in the comfortable -75db range over a distance of about 1km, plenty enough for the barely broadband Telmex gives us out here in the Mexican boonies. I know I could tighten it up to 10mhz but with those signals.. why bother? As usual, easy no fuss to configure... leave most 'expert' settings to default. My only concern is reliability, my last one died for no apparent reason... didn't get zitched by lightening or anything,.. it just died