POE-24 w/ Reset Button 24V, 24W POE Injector Kit: Power over Ethernet - Ubiquiti

0.70 LBS

Power over Ethernet adapter: 24V, 24W for AP, bridge, CPE. Ubiquiti.  This POE adapter has a reset button.

Provides 24 volts, 24 watts of power over a standard CAT5 ethernet cable. Includes power cable to wall/socket. This POE, when used with any Ubiquiti Bullet or other AP, CPE, or bridge, will enable longer cable runs than are possible with 15-volt POE.

Compatible with any device that requires 24-volts, 24-watt: Ubiquiti ROCKETM2, M5

Key feature: Earth grounding/ESD protection: Ubiquiti POEs offer this protection, which is not included with most other POE offerings.

Power LED.

Version for USA (NEMA 5-15). It will not work in Europe unless used with a voltage adapter to step-down from 220-volt to 110-volt

For use of POEs with Ubquiti gear: It's better to use 24-volt POEs

Output Voltage 24VDC @ 1.0A
Input Voltage 90-260VAC @47-63Hz
Input Current 0.3A @120VAC, 0.2A @230VAC
Inrush Current  
Efficiency 70%
Output Ripple 1% Max
Switching Frequency 200 KHz
Line Regulation 0.5%
Load Regulation 1%
Operating Temperature -10C to deg C
Storage Temperature -20 to deg C
Operating Humidity 5% to 90% non condensing
Size (LxWxH) 85x43x30 mm Inches: 3.35 x 1.7 x 1.18
Weight 4oz
AC Connector IEC-320 C6
Data IN / POE RJ45 Shielded Socket
80% Current Indicator Power LED will change color
Surge Protection Common Mode
Shunt Capacitance < 5pf data
Response Time < 1nS
Compliance UL, EN55022 (CISPR22) class B, Meets CE



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