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USB Cables & Adapters

USB Connector Types

USB Type-A  The type A is also known as the Standard A connector and it is typically a rectangular flat USB connector. It is the pioneering standard for USB connectors and hence it is one of the most commonly used and most recognizable. It is primarily used for data transfer and is used in TVs, gaming consoles, and other host controllers and hubs.

USB Type B   This is a square connector that is distinctive for its slanting corners on the connector ends. The USB is an upstream connector and is most commonly used to connect with peripheral devices such as external hard drives, a phone, or a printer.

USB Type C  This is the newest standard connector that has more power and better transfer rates than the previous USB standards. The C Type can be used for both charging and data transfer, and also supports four-channel audio and DisplayPort video. Since it is reversible, it is compatible with many modern devices including the Nintendo Switch, Pixel phones, Macbook, and many new smartphones, and laptops.

Micro USB – Similar to the Mini USB it has five pins though it is smaller and thinner than all of the other USBs. Since it has a fifth operative pin it can function as a standard connector for both power and data transfer. It supports 480 Mbps speed transfers and hence it is used in modern devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, GPS units, and cell phones and other mobile devices.
Mini-USB   Rarely used as of 2019.  This is a connector that is smaller than the standard USB connectors type A, B, and C. It was the standard before the Micro USB and is easily distinguishable by its five pins (one is not functional) and the double thickness as compared to the Micro USB. They are generally used for one purpose, either connecting power or data transfer. They are mainly used in USB hubs, external drives, and digital cameras.

Lightning   Technically not a USB standard though it is the proprietary USB connector on some Apple devices that were manufactured from September 2012. Lightning can be used to transfer data, audio, video, and charging. It is used on devices such as the Airpods, the iPad, and the iPhone among others. 


USB Cables and adapters (Universal Serial Bus) cables are mostly used to:

  • Connect computers to peripheral gadgets such as camcorders, scanners, cameras, projectors
  • Connect AC/DC charging adapters to tablets and smartphones. 

USB cables come in varying shapes and sizes. Both the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 cables come in lengths up to 14FT (unless they have arepeater), with various connector types used to connect to a periferals and smartphone devices.  The connector types include Micro-B, A to A, A to B, USB On-The-Go and Mini-B connectors. 


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