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Dipole Antennas: 5GHz

Dipole Antennas of the 5800-5900MHz Frequency Band

Dipole Antennas of the 5800-5900MHz frequency band are omnidirectional antennas that radiate the signal symmetrically in all directions.  They can come in three forms:

  1. Articulating right angle:  The most common 5GHz dipole antenna, it has a bendable angle at the base making it easy to mount the antenna straight, at a 90-degree angle or anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees.
  2. Fixed Right Angle:  The dipole antenna comes with a fixed angle at the base that is 90 degrees. 
  3. Straight (no angle): These are far more resilient to weather as outdoor antennas.

The 5800MHz dipole antenna sends a wireless/WiFi signal low and high enough to reach up to two levels of a building.  It receives and radiates signals from all the 360 degrees around it. 

Many 5800MHz dipole antennas are dual-band and hence you can switch between 2.4GHz and the more efficient 5.1-5.8 GHz at any time.  Most have 50 Ohms impedance.

5800-5900MHz frequency band antennas enable very efficient WiFi networks for fast data transfer. They are used in 802.11ac W-Lan / Wi-Fi and in dual frequency routers, where you can switch between 2.4 GHz for range and 5GHz for speed.

Other common applications of 5.8 to 5.9 GHz include:

  • Wireless video and audio systems
  • ISM applications
  • ISM Applications and
  • Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi applications
  • Radio local area networks
  • WiMAX networks
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