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Enclosures - Weatherproof

Weatherproofing Features of Enclosures

Gaskets:  Insulating sheets placed between two conducting parts or components. Gaskets can also be placed inside a metal enclosure between the equipment and the walls of the enclosure. This prevents any possibility of short-circuiting or grounding.

Grommets:  Grommets are rubber shells used to seal and strengthen openings and sockets through which cables or pipes pass through into an enclosure. The grommet waterproofs the socket insulates cables from rubbing on the rim of the socket and also protects cables from breakage due to tugging and pulling.

Glands:  Glands are used to insulate cable in sensitive devices to maintain integrity. They consist of two (male and female) threaded tubes of insulating material that screw over the cable.

O-ring:  A rounded rubber ring designed to fit around cylindrical plumbing or cables going through a circular opening. The O-ring presses around the walls on the opening and the cable or pipe to provide a waterproof transition.  You can use an o-ring on both sides of the enclosure wall, to maximize protection.
Seals:  Rubber or silicone compression seals line joints and the rims of openings. They compress when pushed down by the closing of the enclosure to tightly create an air and waterproof boundary. The seal prevents water and dust leakage through these joints.
Enclosures protect against:

• Contamination by dust and other debris 
• Physical damage from strong winds
• Solar heat damage
Weatherproofing / protection against water damage from precipitation
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