Enclosure Outdoor Network POE, Telco: 2 Ports. Dimensions Inside: 5 x 4 x 2-inch


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Waterproof Outdoor Enclosure for POE injector, Board (PCBA) or Telecom Gear

Manufactured to endure inclement outdoor environments, this two-port housing offers base knock-outs with rubber grommets, a hidden hinge and pre-molded extended legs.

Designed for surface/wall-mount applications, its entry port accepts up to 1-in diameter cable bundles. 

Mount with wood-screws or bolts: Partial-holes for screws or bolts.

  • Material: UV stabilized, flame retardant polypropylene
  • Standard Color: Gray
  • Inside Dimensions:  H: 5.0  W: 4.0  D: 2.0-in
  • Weight: 12.6oz (357g)


  • Reduce deployment costs by eliminating site visits required to connect runs.
  • External wall mounting brackets eliminate the need to drill through box, so that you maintain weatherproof integrity
  • Removable 1″ entry/exit ports make servicing faster and easier.
  • 180 degree hinged lid that will not close during service: Saves time during installation.
  • Flame Retardant Polymer that meets UL safety standards and UV protection that complies with F1 weatherable requirements: Assure safety and durability.

To waterproof any cable connections that might be exposed to the elements: Use silicone grease: Flood the cable connections (USBEthernetcoax cables) with silicone grease to waterproof them.

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