Silicone Grease for Electrical & USB Connections: Clear, Never Hardens. Dielectric Grease


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Silicone Grease for Electrical & USB Connections

Moisture protection for router enclosures, USB connections and antenna cable connections:

Clear silicone grease prevents:

Apply a light film of silicone grease to the male and female connectors and/or threads prior to installation.

Does not harden: Other silicon sealants like Goop harden after application: Silicon Grease does not harden over time.

Suitable for:

Industrial lubricant 1 fl. oz. tube: It is as large as a standard-size tube of toothpaste.

Also known as:

  • Silicone lubricant
  • Silicon lubricant
  • Die electric grease
  • Electric grease or electrical grease
  • High Vacuum Grease
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