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SMA Connector - Antennas with

Antennas with a SMA connector 

SMA was the connector of choice for most applications until RP-SMA began to replace SMA in the late 1990s, as the more popular option, Therefore there are far more RP-SMA antenna options than SMA antenna options:  We have many SMA to RP_SMA antenna cable and adapter options that enable you to connect an RP-SMA antenna to an SMA cable or connector. .

Data Alliance offers SMA antennas for WiFi, LTE, GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, base stations, radio astronomy, hand-held radios or telephones, machine-to-machine communications. A 433MHz antenna is also likely to be an SMA antenna.

SMA antenna and coax connectors feature 50 Ohm impedance, drawing DC from 0GHz up to 18GHz.

SMA connectors have a relatively durable screw coupling (good for 500 couplings at recommended torque) and are resistance to vibration. They are also cost-effective when designed in gold-plated brass, nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel.

The male connector features a central pin coated with nickel or gold. The barrel screws on to an SMA female antenna or coax with threading spaced at 36 threads per inch. The female connector has a central receptacle for the pin, also coated with nickel or gold, the threads external to the outer casing. Both connectors are insulated with polytetratluoroethylene (PTFE) dialectric.

An antenna with an SMA connector couples to an SMA cable:  RF coaxial antenna cable shielded to prevent signal degradation. RF coax cables cannot be stripped and soldered together without signal loss. The SMA connector is one of several RF connector designs to connect coaxial cables and antennas while preserving the signal.

SubMiniature Version A (SMA) is an RF coaxial connector designed for semi-precision applications. Visually it is similar to the common household 75 Ohm Type F connector that screws into cable boxes, the design varies by 2mm and the two cables cannot b connected without an adapter.

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