Antenna 5.1 ~ 5.8GHz 3dBi Omni-Directional Dipole w/RP-SMA-male connector


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This omni-directional dipole antenna is designed for WiFi wireless Communications in the 5.1 ~ 5.8GHz band.

This antenna has a low VSWR: Low V.S.W.R. being a measure of the high signal efficiency of this antenna. Most 5GHz dipole antennas in this price range have a higher VSWR, which translates to lower efficiency and therefore lower quality.

Antenna Connector RP-SMA-male
Gain 3 dBi
Type Omni-directional Dipole
Polarization Linear Vertical
VSWR 1.8:1
Frequency 5100~5800MHz
Weight 14g
Size L105xW10xH10mm
Antenna Color Black

Omni-Directional Antennas receive and transmit / radiate radio-frequency signals equally in all directions on a horizontal geometric plane.

Omni-directional antennas have a doughnut-shaped radiation pattern when observed in three dimensions, and the antenna coverage weakens as the elevation reduces. They achieve coverage that is equal in strength in all directions, but this may not be perfectly achieved (in practice) because of constraints of the antenna build and materials.

Dipole antennas are the most commonly used antenna class - especially for omni-directional applications. Dipole antennas are made up to two identical metal rods or wires (conductive elements). This antenna is omni-directional and dipole.

Articulating (Bendable) Right Angle

This antenna can be angled up to 90 degrees (articulating right angle) or positioned straight. The articulating (bendable) right-angle isn’t weatherproof: Water can seep into the angled part of the antenna. Articulating right-angle antennas are therefore recommendable for indoor use or protected outdoors, i.e. under an eave. If you need weatherproof dipole antenna, you should choose either a straight dipole or one with a fixed right angle. See our weatherproof antennas.

5GHz Frequency Band: Suitable for 802.11ac WiFi and any other wireless application that uses the 5100 - 5800 GHz frequency band.

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of RP-SMA connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

See magnetic bases that fit this antenna and have antenna cables with various connector-types.


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