NanoBeam, PowerBeam & LightBeam

NanoBeam is much better than NanoStation & PowerBeam is better than NanoBridge

  • NanoStation M5 has a 60-degree beam and a 10dBi antenna. MSRP is $89.95

  • LightBeam 5AC ($58.41) have an 8-degree beamwidth
  • NanoBeam and PowerBeam M5 have a 30-degree beamwidth:
  • When Nanobeam is connecting to AP there is very little difference in signal at client side. On AP side it is usually better by about 3db, and usually results in a better connection. With a long distance you will see improvement; very short distance that you will not see much improvement.

  • In ideal conditions on a long link: You might get 30mb more throughput with the PowerBeam vs. NanoBridge.