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UniFi Access Points

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points

UniFi Access Points are high tech Wi-Fi systems that combine central management control, unlimited scalability and enterprise performance. The features of the Access Points include

  • UniFi 802.11AC Dual-Radio Access points with mounting hardware and refined industrial design.
  • Easy setup and control through a standard web browser or an Android or iOS app. 
  • Plug and play installation and easy to use interfaces that reduce the need for hiring IT personnel
  • Software-based capabilities that all for almost unlimited scalability
Outdoor Wireless Access Points 
The UniFi AP-Outdoor models are what you need for outdoor installations. These come in two models: The UAP-Outdoor 5G for 5 GHz and the UAP-Outdoor for 2.4 GHz. The UAP-Outdoor 2.4 GHz comes in different variations that include; the UAP, the UAP-LR, and the UAP-PRO among others. 
These models are compatible with the AP-Pro, the AP-Mini, AP-LR, and the UniFi AP. 

Features of the outdoor models:
  • An Access Point will only uplink to another Access Point if they are on the same radio band. 
  • The UniFi comes with UniFi Controller software that makes it possible to manage the access point using a web browser.
  • They come with hardware such as pole mounts and metal brackets that makes it possible to mount your access point hardware on the ceiling or on a wall. 
  • All outdoor Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points have passive PoE capability and also come with PoE adaptors.
Indoor Wireless Access Points
Ubiquiti Access Points for indoor use include several models that include the UAP-AC-EDU, UAP-AC-PRO, UAP-AC-LR, UAP-AC-LITE, UAP-ACIW-PRO, and UAP-AC-IW.
They typically come with:
  • A Unified Management System that allows for unlimited indoor AP scalability
  • Higher speeds on the 5GHz radio band of up to 1300 Mbps
  • Intuitive UniFi Controller software that makes it easy to control all your access points from one interface
  • Intuitive UniFi Controller Software
  • The UniFi 802.11 AC Dual Radio access point feature with cutting edge MIMO technology.
Models Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor include two models:  UAP-AC-PRO and the UAP-HD. 

UAP HD can be used indoors in small spaces such as theaters but can also be used outside in larger spaces such as outdoor fairs and concert venues. Its features include
  • MIMO technology that makes it possible for the access point to communicate with multiple clients at the same time
  • Better range and throughput through the multiple antennas that make sending and receiving data easier
  • Independent 5 GHz and 2.4GHz radios that reduce latency and maximize multi-user throughput
UAP-AC-PRO  can be used in both outside deployments or for medium office and home usage. Its features include:
  • High speeds of up to 450 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz range and up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz range.
  • Brands such as the UniFi AC Mesh AP come with Dual-Radio 3x3 11AC MIMO Technology that allows for simultaneous connections in the two bands
  • A versatile design that makes it compatible with third-party enterprise devices through its 802.3AF PoE
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