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RJ5 Cable Gland Feed-Thru Waterproof IP67

RJ45 Ethernet Jack-in-Gland Systems:  Waterproofed for enclosure port

We have versions with 

All of our models include these features:

  • All are CAT5e and compatible with CAT6, CAT6A and CAT5 
  • Low cost, field replaceable waterproof connector system for RJ45 
  • Constructed of UV protective materials for long life in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Liquid-tight seal meets IP67 standard
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • Positive locking RJ45 connector

Field replaceable outdoor rated and shielded ethernet connection system for high speed 10BaseT, 100BaseT and 1000BaseT networks. The system features a shielded RJ45 Receptacle mounted in a UV protected housing and a mating cable gland which passes an RJ45 connector and seals the cable to IP67 requirements. The system provides for quick and easy disconnect and reconnect of equipment. Because of its many unique design features and low cost, the RJ45-ECS is a universal solution for many industries where a sealed and waterproof, yet removable, Ethernet connection is required. These include outdoor applications such as wireless equipment or video surveillance equipment and indoor applications such as equipment used in factory automation or harsh industrial processes.

The typical (non-waterproofed) RJ45 connectors are not designed for high reliability in the presence of moisture, dust or corrosive elements. For this reason, the IP67 sealing ability of our RJ45 jack-in-gland systems provides a reliable connection, even in very harsh environments, for many years of trouble free service. The shielded nature of the Cat5e cable and connectors provide maximum shielding against external EMI for consistent data communications.

The quick disconnect feature allows for ready replacement of rooftop equipment, to minimize field time spent servicing customer's equipment, and minimizing downtime for the customer. This helps to increase operator profitability and customer satisfaction.

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