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Dipole Antennas: Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Dipole Antennas: Dual band in 2.4GHz-5GHz bands

Dipole dual-band antennas for Wi-Fi are omnidirectional antennas that radiate RF (radio frequency) signals in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. The dual-band WiFi dipole antenna radiates and receives signals in a 360-degree angle around it. The antenna is designed to be mounted directly onto the RP-SMA female or SMA female connector of a client or radio device. The right angle versions are designed to be adjusted by up to 90 degrees or less. 

Since they are vertically polarized, dual-band antennas for Wi-Fi find usage in many communication and machine to machine applications that include mesh networking, remote monitoring, and telemetry applications. Most SMA and RP-SMA connectors are gold plated for low loss and hence they provide superior performance for longer.

Similar to most dipole antennas dual-band antennas for Wi-Fi have Reverse Polarity SMA for RP-SMA. As such, the gender determination is counterintuitive with the gender referring not to the threads but rather to the pins. The SMA male and the RP-SMA have threads on the inside while the SMA male is designed with a pin in the threaded chamber and RP-SMA male comes with a socket in the chamber.

The high gain of the dual-band antennas and the omnidirectional coverage for Wi-Fi makes them suitable for a variety of applications such as large indoor spaces, warehouses, building, and marine installations. Other uses of the dual-band antennas include:

  1. 802.11ac Wi-Fi Routers and Access points
  2. 802.11b/g/n applications
  3. WLAN and WiFi systems
  4. Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee
  5. WiMAX
  6. 4.9 GHz Public safety bands
  7. Wireless Video systems
  8. Mobile and multipoint applications
  9. Public wireless hotspots
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