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Data Alliance is a distributor & manufacturer of wireless and wired network equipment, based in southern Arizona, with a subsidiary company in Mexico (Nogales): We have shipped to over 110,000 customers in 95 countries. We produce our own line of antenna cables and perform custom-manufacturing of antennas.

Incorporated Feb. 2004. Data Alliance was one of the first Ubiquiti partners (2006).

FAST SHIPPING: CREDIT: Easy approval & long terms for large & small companies

TESTIMONIALS from customers

CUSTOMER-SERVICE by phone without voicemail loops.
  • Pro-active Customer Service:
  • If anything would prevent your order from being shipped (backorder or payment issue), we'll contact you right away
  • Constant updating of stock status on our website so that the info is accurate: If an item is out of stock, we provide an ETA on the product page
  • Customer Service speaks English and habla Español.
  • Customer orders, tickets / RMA, and shipping records are organized & linked in an integrated database so that we can rapidly recognize your needs and record of purchases from us.
  • Never have / never will send spam mail to our customers or share your information.
  • See complete policies & information about transaction security measures in place on this website & our office.
  • All customer information is kept strictly secure & confidential.
  • Just in case you still are uncomfortable, you can checkout via a third-party system: PayPal Express Checkout
  • We do not exaggerate or lie about product specifications, as is so common among Wireless equipment online-retailers: Many WiFi equipment retailers that target only retail customers who are new WiFi users (i.e., on eBay) lie outright about the gain (dBi) of their antennas: A common example: They say that 9dBi antennas are 12dBi antennas.
  • Data Alliance is long established selling to technical customers, consultants, large businesses and governments - as well as to retail customers including new users: Because we sell to technical users and technical consultants as a major part of our customer base, you know that you will find factual specifications on every page.
  • All products that we carry meet our high standards of quality, and as we find higher-quality replacements for certain stock-items (at or near the same price-point) we replace those items with higher-quality versions.
DATA ALLIANCE's history; founder and principal, George Hardesty

    Data Alliance serves as a "virtual warehouse" for many customers because we are reliable in stocking the wide variety of items that they need, and we ship the same day - even orders placed in the late afternoon. We are a virtual warehouse for Wireless ISPs, manufacturers, integrators, city governments, property companies, resorts.

  • Data Alliance reduces lead times for regular customers by holding components and stock for them, based on their forecasts and planned purchases over time.
  • Major cash flow benefit for the customer: They order stock as they need it & only have to stock what they need for a day or few days.
  • Our shipping is always the same day.
  • Volume discount pricing.
  • We spend our time and resources to make sure that we have stock on hand to anticipate their needs.
  • A number of our customers credit Data Alliance for enabling them to expand their business much faster because they can depend on getting the equipment that they need without a wait, and without paying second day shipping fees because we are close by and always ship the same day.
Custom-Manufacturing and Assembly

We develop and manufacture customized-designed solutions to meet your satisfaction and cost parameters:

Antenna Cable Custom Assemblies Custom Antenna Manufacturing: WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM Custom Router Enclosures