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Magnetic Mounts for Antennas

Antenna Stands with magnetic base for antennas with RP-SMA connectors and N-type connectors.  Mounts have cables to RP-SMA-male.  Can be used with our L-mount brackets, to mount antenna on a wall or pole.

Optimize your Wireless Signal with a Magnetic Antenna Base

A simple practical solution for connectivity on the go

Magnetic mounts are a simple solution for optimal positioning of your antenna. Enjoy the very best in signal strength by simply attaching your magnetic mount where ever needed on your vehicle and connecting your antenna. With a mag mount you have no additional installation and can readily re-position or remove your aerial leaving no marks. The powerful magnetic retention means that your antenna is securely held in place while on the move.

Multiple Uses

Magnetic mounts are ideal for rugged and road-ready radio, GPS, telecommunication, line-of-sight and WiFi internet set-ups. Magnetic mobile antenna mounts are used widely on commercial, industrial and emergency vehicles where secure and reliable communication is critical.

Location is Key

For optimal positioning on your vehicle, locate your magnetic mount in the center of your metal roof, avoiding, edges, curving or pieces of metal which may cause signal disruption. Of course mag mounts will not work with aluminium or fiberglass surfaces.

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