Antenna LTE 4G 8dBi Omni-Directional Magnetic Mount SMA & RP-SMA


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Outdoor / Indoor 8dBi Omni-Directional Antenna with Magnetic Mount 

  • With 10FT cable to SMA or RP-SMA connector options
  • Dual Band / Multi-band in LTE 4G / 3G GSM frequency Bands: 698 to 960 MHz / 1700 to 2700 MHz
  • IP65 ingress-protection rating: Weatherproof /waterproof
  • Radiates signal with a beam of 360 degrees; also receives signal from 360 degrees around it.
  • Marine antenna: This antenna can be used for marine use, but in a salt-water environment, the antenna often will begin to corrode after a year or possibly less: The chrome plating on the base bubbles and peels off: Our customers that us this antenna for marine use, find that the low cost and fact that it lasts about a year without any issue, in a marine environment, makes it suitable: The antenna is is cost-effective enough even considering that they replace the antenna when the corrosion begins.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications:

This omni directional antenna's range of frequency band compatibility in the 700 MHz to 2700 MHz frequency band range, its low broadband VSWR, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm gear, makes it suitable and compliant for all the above applications. 

Features & applications

  • As access point antenna: Provides signal to clients in any direction (360-degree horizontal beamwidth)
  • As client antenna: Connect to an access point in any direction
  • Capable of extending your wireless range up to 300 meters.
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor wireless gear with RP-SMA-female or SMA-female connector.
  • ROHS & REACH compliant: Heavy metal content and other material content is in compliance with ROHS 3 and REACH (connector and antenna).





 Frequency Range














 RG174  3-meter (10 feet)


  SMA Male , RP-SMA male or others by special order

 Mounting Method

 Magnetic mount



 Operating Temperature


 Relative Humidity

 Up to 95%


 10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude 2hours

 Environmentally Friendly

 ROHS Compliant


Cable Length: 10 foot. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume requirements.

SMA & RP-SMA Connector Characteristics:


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

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