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FAKRA Cables & Adapters

FAKRA connectors are widely used in the automotive industry,  globally.

Important features of FAKRA connectors for antenna cables:

  • Able to conduct a range of RF frequencies up to 6.0GHz 
  • Most FAKRA connectors have a 50 ohm impedance but 60 and 75 ohm connectors are also available. 
  • 14 different designs that are individually color-coded for precision matching.
  • Pre-assembly locking features that assist in the correct alignment and of the coaxial cable components.
  • Housing that is resistant to shocks and vibration.
  • Facilitation of the central coaxial cable and insert to rotate through 360 degrees which prevents cables becoming twisted or damaged while in use.
  • Secure mating up to 100 mating cycles.

These and other features mean that the FAKRA connector is able to meet the mechanical and environmental demands of the automotive industry and FAKRA connectors additional meet the requirements of the US Council for Automotive Research (USCAR). 

Given the specificity of its design it is unsurprising that the FAKRA connector has a wide range of applications in the automotive sector. FAKRA connectors are also commonly found in marine applications and motorcycles. 

Cars carry multiple coax lines and the FAKRA connector meets the technology demands of contemporary vehicle design including the dedicated short range communications of automotive applications such as keyless entry and parking and positional sensors. FAKRA connectors also feature on car antenna, cellular phones, GPS and satellite radio.

FAKRA  connectors are a distinctive type of SMB-derived connector for coaxial cables. 

The name FAKRA is a shortening of the German title Fachreis Automobil and refers to the German standard that specifies the features and characteristics of the connector.

Similarities with the Sub-Minature Version B (SMB) connector include a center pin on the male connector and complementary basket on the female connector. Unlike the SMB connector, the FAKRA connector is housed in plastic and makes a tactile and audible clicking noise when correctly connected and locked in place.