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Dipole Antennas: 900MHz

Dipole Antennas for the 850-950MHz Frequency Band

Dipole Antennas of the 850-950MHz frequency band are omnidirectional antennas used for the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), CDMA, and ISM applications including LoRa. The dipole antenna mates with the wireless access points that have a female connector and operate in the 900MHz.

The dipole antennas come with a male connector of one of the following connector-types: RP-SMA, SMA, Type-N, or RP-TNC.  Most typically, they have an articulating right-angle with the elbow just above the connector.  Articulating right-angle is not a waterproof / weatherproof type of antenna.  If you need a weatherproof antenna, choose one with a fixed right angle or straight (no right-angle).

850-950Mhz and Obstructions
The 850-950MHz band is a non-licensed ("free") low radio frequency band that provides a relatively long wavelength emitted in a radiated pattern, making it very effective against obstacles such as trees, forests and buildings. Due to the relatively long wavelengths, it is popularly used in GSM applications both inside and outside. It has been known to penetrate multiple walls while maintaining good reception. With its wave diffraction, the radio frequency band is particularly effective in no line of sight and near line of sight transmissions.

850-950MHz Applications
The 900MHz band is used for for point to multiple point and point to point usage in the following applications:

  1. 900 MHz Cellular applications:  GSM 2G & CDMA
  2. LoRa: A  low power long range ISM wireless technology that enables wireless for IOT (Internet of Things) devices for industrial communications over long distances.
  3. WLAN applications
  4. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
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