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MultiBand 698-2800MHz

MultiBand Antennas of Frequency Range 698-2800MHz

MultiBand Antennas of frequency range 698-2800MHz that you can use for all manner of wireless cellular and GPS applications . These include:

1. Omnidirectional multiband antennas that work in the 698-960 MHz and also the 1710-2700 MHz frequencies.  These include outdoor and indoor applications with low angle radiation and wide bandwidth. They are usually ideal for 3G GSM and 4G applications where no metal surface or ground plane is available. 

2. Omnidirectional dual-band MIMO antennas which work on both the 698-960 MHz and the 1710-2700 MHz frequencies at the same time.  These are great for a 4G/LTE & GPS Combo and can also be used for both outdoor and indoor applications given its superior traditional gain and low angle radiation pattern. 
Dual-band 4G LTE antenna, puck style, permanent mount, with main/div (main / AUX) connections and 6-ft cable to SMA-male connector.
These are compatible with:
  • 2G (GSM / DCS / PCS) 
  • 3G (CDMA / WCDMA / UMTS / HSPA) 
  • 4G (700LTE / 2700LTE) 
3. LTE 4G directional antennas that work in a multiband range between the 800MHz and the 2800 MHz frequencies.  These are compatible with 2G and 4G and hence mostly used in Smartphones, such that the user connects to VOIP through their smartphones broadband internet. It largely makes use of 4G and GSM networks. It has also been used in wireless networks and WiFi on 2400 MHz & 900MHz.

4. Multiband/Dual band antennas which are omnidirectional dipole antennas that operate in the 850-900 MHz frequencies and the 1800-2100MHz frequency.  This band is used for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). In this regard, it works with 2G networks and is for the most part used for wireless video links, SCADA, RFID, GSM, 860-960MHz cellular phone band, Non-Line of Sight and in the 900MHz ISM band.

5. Marine grade Omni-Directional Multi-band Antenna that works between the 698-960MHz and the 1710-2700MHz frequencies.  This works efficiently between 698-960MHz and 1710 and 2700MHz and works well with 2G, GSM networks for things such as flip phones, 3G, 4G, and also GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS networks to control marine communications and transmissions. 
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