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N Cables & Adapters

N-Type Connector  

  • Data Alliance provides N-type cables with LMR-100, LMR200, and LMR400 type coax as well as 1.13 for use with U.FL and MHF4 cables:  These coaxial cables are designed to provide distortion free signals.
  • Offers bandwidths up to 11 GHz.
  • Our N-connectors (including the nuts and washers that come standard on our N-female connectors) are nickel plated and therefore are rust proof.
  • Available in right angled models that facilitate their use at cramped locations in order to let the WiFi antennas remain vertical
  • Available in threaded and slip on versions 
  • All of Data Alliance's N-type cables and adapters are 50 Ohms impedance

Type N coax is a medium-sized RF connector with threaded coupling used to connect medium-sized and miniature RG coaxial cables. The male and female connectors are usually made of brass or stainless steel. They terminate to either a coaxial cable or to a circuit board by crimping, clamping or soldering. The male and female are fully interchangeable and mostly comply with MIL-C_39012 specifications. 

N-type connectors have a rugged dependability and durability even in harsh conditions. Type N connectors, when properly mated will couple and seal (using an O-ring) to a rating of IP67. At IP67 the contact is free from solid contaminants such as dust and sand, waterproof to a significant depth of immersion, and is vibration resistant. They are therefore weatherproof and suitable for outdoor applications

Applications of N-type connectors and N-type cables

There are two versions of Type N connectors. 11 GHZ at 50 Ohms impedance, and 3 GHz at 75 Ohms impedance. Both have different applications and should not be interchanged. Mating parties of different versions may result in permanent damage to connectors. [All of Data Alliance's N-type cables and adapters are 50 Ohms impedance].

Type N connectors are designed for use in systems where reliable RF and performance is important. They were initially used by the military for Microwave transmission. Since then there has been a wide variety of applications, due to their durability, and the introduction of right-angled connectors for convenient cable management. Here are some of the areas the Type N connector and cables are widely used:

  • Broadcast systems
  • Base stations
  • Microwave Radio
  • Outdoor antennas
  • Radar equipment
  • Satellite systems
  • Surge protection
  • Wireless LAN
Type N connectors have a wide range of application from low- frequency to high-frequency equipment. The only issue with the connectors is sometimes distinguishing the 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm connectors. Some manufacturers don’t usually label them, unaware individuals may force a coupling of the different versions causing a loose and unreliable connection or permanent damage. 
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