Nickel and Gold-Plated Brass Compared as Platings for Antenna Cable Connectors and Adapters

Rust Proofing and Corrosion-Protection: Best Options Among Nickel, Gold-Plated Brass & Brass Alloys:

Nickel Plated Antenna Cable Connectors

For outdoor applications, Nickel-Plated Brass is the best option.

  • Nickel-plated brass one is much durable than gold-plated for weatherproofing of antenna cable connectors.
  • Nickel-plated brass is the most corrosion-resistant option: Nickel-plating will last at least 5 years. Normally 5-10 years - depends on application field. Data Alliance has never made such a long time test, but we are confident based on our quality record: We have never had a complaint from a customer regarding a corrosion issue with our nickel-plated brass connectors in our past 17 years in business.
  • Nickel does not decompose as it oxidizes, but forms a layer of nickel-oxide that prevents further oxidation from occurring.
    • Nickel-plating is achieved by electro-plating the brass connectors and washers with a thin layer of nickel.
    • The result is connectors that are highly resistant to rust /oxidation and verdigris (those green spots that show up on old brass).

For indoor applications: Gold-Plated Brass is the best option.

  • Gold-plated is better in appearance and much more expensive than nickel-plated one.
  • Rust Proofing and Corrosion-Protection is Achieved in our antenna cable connectors, adapters, nuts and washers with 100% Brass with Gold Plate By:
    • Keeping zinc content below 15%
    • Adding in other metals to the alloy such as arsenic, phosphorus, antimony, and tin.


Posted by George Hardesty on 2nd Oct 2019

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