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Waterproof / Weatherproof

IP Ratings: Ingress Protection from Water, Dust, Particles

IP rating is given as the letters IP, followed by two numerical digits whose value is determined by the level of protection provided. The higher the value the higher the protection rating. 

The first digit represents ingress protection level from solids. Each value defines a certain level of protection:

0- No protection from solids.
1- Objects bigger than 50mm in width, large surface bodies such as hands.
2- Objects not larger than 80mm in long and 12mm wide, fingers and other such solids.
3- Objects with a minimum diameter of 2.5 mm, tools and thick wires and cables.
4- Objects not less than 1mm in diameter, fine tools, and screws.
5- Dust protected, sufficient dust that can cause harm to equipment.
6- Completely dustproof. 

The second digit defines protection from moisture. 

0- Not protected
1- Condensation and dripping water.
2- Vertical dripping water inclined at a 15 angle.
3- Spraying water, vertical spray tilted at 60.
4- Splashing water in contact with enclosure from all directions.
5- Low-pressure water jet from a 6.3mm nozzle from all directions.
6- High-pressure water jets from 12.5mm nozzle from all directions.
7- Temporally immersion in a depth of 1 Meter.
8- Continuous immersion in water under pressure. 
9- 9K- close range, high-temperature jet spray from all directions.

Additional letters can be added after the digits to represent product specific protection rating. Some from mechanical impact, and access by hazardous parts, high voltage, and temperature. 

IP rating (also ingress protection rating) is an international standard for classifying the degree of protection in electrical enclosures, and accessories for enclosures. Standard test environments are used to test products in compliance with manufacturer's specifications.  The IP system provides detailed information on protection from physical intrusions such as dust, water, and contact.   IP rating system standard is defined by IEC 60529.

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