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Waterproof Rubber Seal Washer for RP-SMA & SMA to Seal Connector on Enclosure

  • Rubber O-ring to waterproof RP-SMA and SMA connector in enclosure:  Use of one of these O-rings with a bulkhead nut and washer,  is IP68 protection on an enclosure wall.
  • If you order the bulkhead nut & washer with the O-ring,  we automatically include the rust-proof, all-brass version of the bulkhead nut & washer.
  • O-ring and bulkhead waterproofing RP-SMA and SMA connector
  • Diagram of use of RP-SMA (or SMA) bulkhead nut & washer to secure cable where the connector passes through the enclosure wall.
  • If you have a situation that you think requires extra protection:  You could use two O-rings like this on both sides of the enclosure wall.  You could also put two washers, with on on each side of the enclosure wall.
  • This is a second o-ring option that we offer, which has an inner diameter of 1CM (the diameter is larger than the diameter of SMA-female and RP-SMA-female).  The sku for this o-ring is ORING2.
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