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Tensile Strength in Antenna Cables: Putting Stretching Force

George Hardesty June 30th, 2024 4 minute read Antenna Cables | LMR-100, LMR-200, LMR-400 | U.FL Cables

Tensile strength:  The maximum amount of pulling or stretching force that a cable can withstand without breaking Tensile refers to pulling and... more »

Double Shielding of Antenna Cables for Low Signal Loss

George Hardesty June 25th, 2024 10 minute read Antenna Cables | LMR-100, LMR-200, LMR-400 | Signal Loss in Antenna Cables

Double Shielding of Antenna Cables for Low Signal Loss Interference and Cable Shielding Shielding protects against both leakage and absorption of stray... more »

LTE antennas: Reduce Digital Noise to Improve Signal Quality

George Hardesty June 4th, 2024 10 minute read Antennas | LTE 4G & 5G

How to Filter Out Digital Noise for LTE 5G and 4G Antennas If the amount of digital noise picked up by your cellular antennas (LTE 4G or 5G) is causing a... more »

Grounding of Antenna Cables: Gear Protection and Performance

George Hardesty June 2nd, 2024 5 minute read Antenna Cables

The Importance of Grounding Antenna Cables Proper grounding of antenna cables is not just a matter of equipment and personnel safety from lightning... more »

Antenna Cable Installation, Management and Labeling: Best Practices

George Hardesty May 14th, 2024 6 minute read Antenna Cables

Installing and Routing Antenna Cables By following these guidelines, you can ensure a tidy and efficient  antenna cable installation that maintains the... more »

IoT Wireless Protocol Selection and Frequency Band Characteristics

George Hardesty May 14th, 2024 9 minute read IoT - Internet of Things | Wireless Frequencies

The Frequency Bands of IoT Wireless IoT (Internet of Things) is a growing network of objects, devices and machines each able to communicate with the... more »

Wireless Bridges for Long Range Links: Point to point & multipoint

George Hardesty May 14th, 2024 6 minute read Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

WiFi Bridges applications Long-distance point to point links: Ubiquiti offers several types of bridges that are excellent options: The PowerBeam series is... more »

Corrosion Resistance for Antennas, Antenna Cables and Connectors: Salt Spray Test

George Hardesty May 11th, 2024 3 minute read Antenna Cables | Antennas

The salt spray test, also known as a salt fog test, is a standardized method used extensively in the industry to evaluate the corrosion resistance of... more »

Capacitance of Antenna Cable Coax Types: Lower value indicates better signal integrity

George Hardesty May 4th, 2024 4 minute read Antenna Cables

Capacitance values for various types of coax types These are typical values for the capacitance per foot or per meter of these coaxial cables used in... more »

Wi-Fi & LTE Antenna Installations: How To Choose the Best Coaxial Cable

George Hardesty April 2nd, 2024 5 minute read Antenna Cables

Choosing the best antenna cable coax for an outdoor Wi-Fi antenna installation involves considering several factors to ensure good signal quality, overall... more »