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Helium Network

Helium Network known as The People's Network, is a wireless network providing internet connectivity using blockchain technology and hotspots with the purpose of delivering a decentralized, accessible, and secure wireless network. Recently, Helium has completed an upgrade from the Helium blockchain to Solana

Pocv11 and Its Implications for Nova (Helium) Antenna Parameters

George Hardesty December 2nd, 2023 4 minute read Helium Network

PoCV11 Implications: The Nova Labs (Helium Network) Proof of Coverage (PoC) algorithm is due to be updated by October 18th, 2021. This upcoming... more »

LongFi: Wireless Technology of Nova Labs (Helium Network)

George Hardesty November 26th, 2023 7 minute read Helium Network

What is LongFi? LongFi is a proprietary name for the wireless networking protocol used by Nova Labs (Helium Network) in its deployment of a... more »

Nova Labs ( Helium Miners ) - Frequency Bands and Antenna Connector Types.

George Hardesty November 19th, 2023 6 minute read Helium Network

Frequency Bands of Nova's Helium Miners Nova Labs has approved several third-party manufactured hotspots in the US and Europe, operating in the 915 and 868 MHz... more »

Nova 5G Network: Cellular Data Coverage for Smartphones and IoT Devices

George Hardesty November 18th, 2023 6 minute read Helium Network

Nova Labs, formerly known as Helium Network and The People's Network, is a decentralized, user-supported network that provides sub-Gigahertz... more »

DISH and FreedomFi Collaborate with Nova Labs (Helium) to Deliver a 5G CBRS Hotspot Network

George Hardesty November 10th, 2023 5 minute read Helium Network

DISH and FreedomFi: The DISH Network Corporation has announced a collaboration with the open 5G networking company FreedomFi to develop a novel 5G network... more »

Nova Labs (Helium Network) Antennas: Cables, Mounts, Weatherproofing Upgrades

George Hardesty November 1st, 2023 4 minute read Helium Network

Gear to optimize Nova/Helium Network Hotspot range Antenna upgrades for Helium Devices Data Alliance's 915 MHz antennas and all of our antenna cables and... more »

Is Senet Network the Replacement for the Nova Labs - Helium Network?

George Hardesty August 5th, 2023 4 minute read Helium Network

With Helium Network's fall from grace (rebranded as Nova Labs), a question arises:Is the Senet Network positioning itself as a replacement for Nova... more »

Alternatives to Nova Labs / Helium Network

George Hardesty January 20th, 2023 15 minute read Helium Network | IoT - Internet of Things | LoRa LoRaWAN

Nova Labs/Helium Network Alternatives The demand for wireless networking technologies that are capable of supporting the exponentially rising number of... more »

Nova/Helium Antennas to Extend the Range of Miners: Bobcat, SenseCAP, LongFi

George Hardesty October 15th, 2021 12 minute read Helium Network

Antennas To Extend Range of Helium Miners All of our LoRa antennas are Nova(Helium) Antennas: They are compatible with all Nova Labs(Helium Network)... more »

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