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​Antenna Cables: Definitions of Components and Terms

George Hardesty November 21st, 2023 15 minute read Antenna Cables | Definitions

A American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a wire gauging system used in electronics that works on a logarithmic scale. As the AWG number increases the actual... more »

Definitions: Wireless & WiFi terms

George Hardesty December 28th, 2022 3 minute read Definitions

Access Points & Bridges: DefinitionsCoaxial Antenna Cable Assemblies & Connectors: Definitions of typesFresnel Zone: An electromagnetic phenomenon, in which... more »

Definitions: Wireless & WiFi Terms

George Hardesty November 2nd, 2022 4 minute read Definitions

Wireless and WiFi Definitions: Access Point (Wireless Access Point): Often referred to as a "wireless router:" Stationary radio station that has a connection... more »

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