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Directional Antennas are very useful and effective for applications where the specific and focused use of a signal is required.

Antenna Beamwidth

George Hardesty November 15th, 2023 3 minute read Antennas-Directional

Beamwidth of an Antenna: Beamwidth is the angle from which most of the antenna’s power radiates, as illustrated on the radiation pattern's main lobe. It... more »

Front to Back Ratio: Directivity of Antenna to Reduce Interference

George Hardesty November 1st, 2023 4 minute read Antennas-Directional

Antenna Directivity: Front to Back Ratio Applies to Directional Antennas OnlyFront to Back Ratio Defined and Explained The measure of directivity of a... more »

Directional Antennas: Longer Range / High Gain by narrowing the beam

George Hardesty October 30th, 2023 6 minute read Antennas-Directional

Directional Antennas Directional Antennas provide much better link quality than omni-directional antennas, which have a 360-degree pattern. Antennas for... more »

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