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Coax Cable Types

The types of coaxial cable are identified as RG and LRM. They are used depending on the characteristics of the RF signal applications that are required to be transmitted, considering factors such as distance and signal strength, among others.

Bend Radius of LMR-100, LMR-200, LMR-400 Coaxial Cable Types

George Hardesty December 4th, 2023 3 minute read Antenna Cables | Coax Cable Types | LMR-100, LMR-200, LMR-400

Minimum Bend Radiuses of LMR-100, LMR-200 and LMR-400 The bend radius of a coaxial cable refers to the minimum radius a cable can be bent without... more »

MHF4 Cables with 0.81 Coax: Attenuation Characteristics

George Hardesty September 10th, 2023 2 minute read Coax Cable Types | MHF4 Connectors and Cables

1. Frequency-Dependent Attenuation Higher Frequency, Higher Attenuation: 0.81 coaxial cables, when used in MHF4 assemblies, tend to have an... more »

0.81mm Coaxial Cable for W.FL and MHF3 Cable Assemblies

George Hardesty August 26th, 2023 6 minute read Coax Cable Types

0.81 Coax Specifications, Key Features, Applications The 0.81 coaxial cable is the typical coax used for  W.FL cables and MHF3 cable assemblies.... more »

​Coax Cable Types for Video and Audio: RG-59 and RG-179 BNC Cables

George Hardesty June 3rd, 2023 3 minute read BNC Cables | Coax Cable Types

Coaxial Cables for CCTV, Video, Audio Coaxial cables, commonly referred to as coax cables, have long been the standard in numerous connectivity applications.... more »

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