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Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

Long-Range Outdoor Wireless Network, known as WAN, allows the wireless connection of devices in large areas and spaces ranging from a school or a factory to an international corporate or the operation of a cellular telephone system. This technology is the best option in connecting devices and providing communication solutions in areas where traditional infrastructure is not available.

Wireless Bridges for Long Range Links: Point to point & multipoint

George Hardesty May 14th, 2024 6 minute read Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

WiFi Bridges applications Long-distance point to point links: Ubiquiti offers several types of bridges that are excellent options: The PowerBeam series is... more »

Spatial Diversity Overcomes Multi-Path Interference | Wireless Links Over Water

George Hardesty November 23rd, 2022 12 minute read Antennas | Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

Spatial Diversity: Spatial diversity is a useful feature for overcoming multi-path interference. By providing spatial diversity, the radio's internal... more »

Dual Polarity Antennas & MIMO (carrier-grade antennas)

George Hardesty July 23rd, 2022 17 minute read Antennas | Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

Characteristics of Dual Polarity AntennasHave horizontal and vertical antennas in a same antenna. Antennas of dual polarity are high-speed, bandwidth for VOIP and... more »

Fresnel Zone: Key for Long Range WiFi Links

George Hardesty July 16th, 2022 3 minute read Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

Fresnel Zone: The wireless or Wi-Fi Signal Travels in a shape like an Ellipse and the Fresnel Zone is the lower part of the Ellipse. The Fresnel zone is the... more »

Point to Point Wireless Links

George Hardesty October 22nd, 2021 16 minute read Long-Range Outdoor Wireless

WiFi Bridges: Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint Links Wifi Bridges are used for point-to-point links and point to multipoint links... more »

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