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WiFi USB Adapters

These are devices that allow other devices to connect to wireless networks through a USB port. They are used to add WiFi connection to devices that do not have built-in WiFi. These devices improve the connection and/or make it possible to make devices compatible with WiFi standards.

Set-up and Troubleshooting of WiFi USB Adapters

George Hardesty September 22nd, 2022 4 minute read WiFi USB Adapters

START PAGE for Set-up & Troubleshooting of WiFi USB Adapters Install the wireless card's client software & drivers before attempting any steps on... more »

Use USB cable(s) to place WiFi adapter outside for line-of-site (negligible signal loss in cable)

George Hardesty May 21st, 2022 3 minute read WiFi USB Adapters

USB Cables for WiFi USB Cables for Wi-Fi Adapters are a much better choice than standard coax Antenna Cables because antenna cables (coax) lose a lot of... more »

Alfa AWUS036H: Does not auto-renew IP address when you change networks

October 1st, 2021 5 minute read WiFi USB Adapters

Very good insight into the Alfa AWUS036H card: Sent to us by customer Troy Wilson. If you connect the first time to any signal at all, the IP... more »

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