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Antenna Jacks

Antenna Jacks must ensure a reliable and quality connection between cables and antennas as well as between cables and RF signal receiving devices.

​Torque Ratings of SMA and RP-SMA Antenna Cable Connectors & Adapters

George Hardesty October 22nd, 2023 3 minute read Antenna Cables | Antenna Jacks

When it comes to ensuring a reliable RF (Radio Frequency) connection, the devil is in the details. Whether you're connecting an SMA cable to a piece... more »

U.FL & MHF4 Antenna Cables: Thickness of Cable & other Key Considerations

George Hardesty October 9th, 2023 4 minute read Antenna Cables | Antenna Jacks | Signal Loss in Antenna Cables | U.FL Cables

Coax Types for MHF4 and U.FL Cables The four coaxial cable options for U.FL cables: 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37, and RG174. RG178 is a less-common fifth option.... more »

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