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BNC Cables & Adapters

BNC:  A Quick-Connect / Quick-Release Connector

  • BNC is a locking, round connector with slotted mating collar.  
    • Quick-connect / quick release connector for coaxial cable:  BNC connectors connect with a half-turn. 
    • These connectors twist and lock onto the jack, with a half-turn, unlike SMA, N, and RP-TNC, that have threaded connections.
    • BNC is used in situations where quick disconnect capabilities are required or convenient.
    • The ability to effortlessly disconnect and connect securely enables devices to have easily removable / retractable antennas or BNC extension cables for rapid swapping.

Gender is determined by the inside wire - not the outside connector.

BNC is not only used for antenna cables, but also for CCTV and other video applications, audio, TV receivers, and networking coax applications.

BNC RF connector is used for terminating a variety of miniature to standard RG coax cables.  Terminating a coax cable to the connector can be done either by clamping or crimping. 

BNC connector (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) is a miniature quick release and quick connect RF connector . The female connector has two lugs that latch positively or in reverse with a quarter turn to quickly connect or disconnect. Connectors largely have a brass body, they may feature gold plating for external use to increase durability, and nickel plating for terminating onto a soldered circuit board. The connectors are lightweight and reliable.

BNC connectors are available for commercial, military and industrial use. BNC was originally developed for the military, it has now gained popularity for use in RF and video signal equipment. Some common applications of BNC connectors and cables are:

• Aerospace electronics
• Automotive wireless devices
• Broadcast (75 Ω)
• Cable Modems
• Computer LAN equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Parallel and serial video signal devices 
• Telecom


BNC stands for Bayonet Neill- Concelman connector. Bayonet represents the physical connector kind and Neill and Concelman are the inventors of the BNC connector (invented in the late 1940s).

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