Tripod Mount for Large Antennas, Dish: 5FT, 3FT, 2FT Heavy Duty Adjustable


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Tripod Mount for Large Antennas

  • Heavy-gauge steel and overall strong construction: Higher quality / stronger construction than Channel Master tripod.
  • Tripods fit all large antennas so they can be easily mounted on roof-top. For the most demanding customer premises antenna mounting applications (this does not apply to the portable tripod (SKU TRIPOD3T)
  • Mast Options (mast is not included in price of tripod).
  • Use pitch pad kit with lag-screws to protect roof and bolt tripod to roof: Includes bolts and butyl (tar) sealant to mount on roof.
    • For the 5FT tripods (including the TRIPOD5FT and the Sloped Roof Tripod SKU TRIPODSL): You will need 1.5 kit per tripod in order to have enough lag-bolts (see note below). Each kit Includes six bolts and six butyl (tar) strips [sealant to mount on roof] The "adjustable feet" of the 5-FT tripod have 3 holes per foot for lag-bolts, so that a total of 9 lag screws/bolts are needed per tripod. You should install lag-bolts in all three holes per foot to ensure that this tripod will survive wind in storms. The pitch pad kit with lag-screws/bolts that we offer above comes with 6 lag-bolts, so you will want to consider purchasing more than one pitch pad kit per tripod, to ensure that you will have enough lag-bolts. These kits are only $2.10 each.
  • 5FT heavy duty tripod has double bracing for extra strength and heavy-duty 1-1/4-inch tubing


  • Suitable for Satellite Dish, HDTV, or any other large antenna
  • Diameter of mast that tripod can hold:
    • 2FT Heavy Duty Tripod: Holds up to 1.75-inch pipe / mast (2" pipe / mast)
    • 5FT Heavy Duty Tripod: Holds up to 1.75-inch pipe / mast (2" pipe / mast)
    • 5FT Sloped Roof Tripod: Has a mast with 1.25-inch outer diameter (this is smaller than typical mast diameters but 1.25 inch is correct).
  • Movable / adjustable feet: Can be mounted on flat roof on or on peak of a pitched roof
  • Adjustable legs and the brackets for holding the mast are adjustable.
  • Galvanized steel with durable finish: This is a characteristic of all the above tripods.
  • Heavy duty construction: 16 gauge steel (applies to all except the portable tripod)
  • Pre-assembled: This applies to the heavy duty tripods: 2FT, 5FT
  • Tri-pod legs have holes for fastening to roof


  • Satellite Dish
  • Large antennas
  • Customer Premises Equipment
  • Roof Mounting
  • Extremely versatile

Tripod mounts are three-legged, rigid metallic stands with a central support cup to hold a mast that will accommodate large and heavy parabolic, dish and grid antennas. Thumbscrews in these central support cups are tightened much to hold the mast tightly, so that the mast does not have to rest on the roof or ground surface.

The antenna is mounted on the mast either by using a mounting bracket or U-bolts. Our tripods feature pitch, angle and height adjustment for the antenna. Tripods are fixed on rooftops using bolts, they can also be mounted on the ground by anchoring.

SLOPED-ROOF 5FT TRIPOD: Other specifications not mentioned above:

  • Tripod antenna mount for sloped roof
  • Can be installed on roof slope or peak: Conforms to almost any roof slope.
  • Swivel feet help prevent twisting of the mast
  • Main mast length: 5-feet
  • Supporting legs length: 3-feet


This is a three-piece set that is easy to install: There is a bolt almost at the middle of the mast (longest leg) where you attach the other 2 smaller legs to make the tripod.


For when permanent mounting is not desirable: Tripod mount w/ Dish Level and Compass

  • The pole and legs attach to base but can be easily removed for storage and portability. Works with small portable antenna or standard 18-inch satellite antenna and mount.
  • Great for RV’s, campers, and boat WiFi.


  • Molded heavy duty ABS flat base with convenient azimuth degree markings molded in.
  • Pole and legs attach to base but can be easily removed for storage and portability.
  • Includes 1.66-inch outer-diameter mast.
  • Built-in bubble level and compass.
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