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Pipe Mast Antenna J Mount w/Bracket for Roof or Wall: 21-in, 28-in, 38-inch & Extension

  • J-mounts for antennas
  • This is the 38-inch version, which is exactly the same as the 21-inch mount except for the length of the 1.66-inch diameter mounting tube.
  • This mount solution is a combination of one of our J-mounts (UBAM, MOUNT21, UML or MOUNT38) with MTL19 (the L-mount as the platform)and UBOLTS19 (the U-bolts that attach the L-mount to the J-mount.
  • Antenna J Mount Extension / Extender: 12-inch, stackable: Fits over 1.5 inch diameter or 1.66-inch diameter mast
  • Another view of the 21-inch version of the universal bracket Mount with 1.66-inch diameter mounting tube.
  • UBAM Length:  19 1/2" and Depth 17 1/2" of the arm of the J-mount
  • UML Dimension Length - 27 1/2" & Depth - 25 1/2"
  • Diagram and mounting instructions for the 21-inch (MOUNT21) and 38-inch (MOUNT38) mount versions.
  • J-Mount on roof, holding NanoBridge Dish Antenna
  • To mount on poles:  Accepts standard PAW U-Bolt for mounting to poles:  SKU UMUB or UBOLTS19 or UBOLTS16.
  • Antenna Mount J Pole
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