Pipe Mast Antenna J Mount w/Bracket for Roof or Wall: 21-in, 28-in, 38-inch & Extension


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    Worked as Planned

    Posted by Matt B on 24th Jun 2015

    This antenna mount worked perfectly with the Antenna Mount For Tile Roof (TILEMT). I almost needed a longer mast though. Twenty-one inches is not very long when it is bent. Also, my mast only came with the holes drilled on the shorter side, so the mast was not reversible.

Pipe Mast Antenna J Mount w/Bracket

J-Mount: Roof Mount, Wall Mount or Pole Mount for Antenna : Each of the five J-mount options consists of a universal bracket and diameter of 1.66-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2" mounting tube: Robust for the most demanding customer premises antenna mounting applications. The construction is better than many of these type of mounts which are only light gauge painted steel. These mounts are a heavy gauge steel which goes thru a galvanizing (plating) process and then are powder coat painted for extra protection from the elements. Fasteners used are stainless steel. The mounting tubes have 2 sets of holes to give maximum angular flexibility during installations.

Compatibility with our Tile-Roof Mounts:

    • Our 24" mount, SKU MOUNT24 is compatible with our larger tile-roof mount, SKU TILEMTS (the bolt-hole pattern matches the foot)
    • MOUNT24 has a larger foot than our other J-mounts: The foot is 6x9 inches and the bolt pattern matches TILEMTS. Diameter of pole: 2 inches; Pole is 24 inches tall.
    • None of our other J-mounts are compatible with our larger tile-mount TILEMTS (the bolt-hole pattern does not match the foot)
  • Smaller Tile-Roof Mounts
    • Our 21" mount and 38" mount (SKUs MOUNT21 & MOUNT38 respectively) are compatible with our smaller tile-roof mount
    • None of our other J-mounts are compatible with our smaller tile-mount

The mounting systems feature a universal mounting bracket with a full 90 degrees of tilt which allows for greater versatility when dealing with the variety of installation challenges found at customer sites. Their low profile and attractive styling make it ideal for installations on various styles of buildings and in all neighborhoods, including upscale neighborhoods.

Pipe mast mounts are also called J-Mounts: In both cases, the mount is a J-shaped curved pole. The base of the mount is fixed onto a vertical surface and the antenna mounted along the height of the arm. J-Mounts are designed for outdoor use and are made from a rust-resistant material such as platted aluminum or stainless steel. J-Mounts are suitable for attic, wall and roof mounts. The antenna is often attached to the J-mount using U-bolts.

Compatible Eave/Facia Mount Mount21 & Mount38 have a compatible footprint / screw-hole pattern that fits this eave mount.


  • Easy way to mount an outdoor antenna on a roof, side of a house / building, chimney or in an attic
  • Mount foot can be used on either end of pipe for best mounting.
  • Length: 21-inch & 38-inch Pipe Mast options: Both have the same mounting foot size & diameter
  • Bracket / foot fits our $24 non-penetrating roof mount: Bolts right on to it.
  • Wall thickness .060in
  • Outside Diameter: 1.66-inch except for UBAM which is 1.5-inch diameter
  • Mount21 inside diameter is 1+5/8 inches
  • The foot (mounting bracket) has the Dish Network bolt-hole pattern
    • The bolt-holes distances apart are 3.75-inch by 6-inches.
    • This 3.75-in x 6-in bolt-hole configuration is the same as this tile-roof mount
    • This mount foot is a larger size than the mount foot of our other pipe-mast mounts: UBAM and UML

Features specific to 19.5-inch version ( UBAM) and 27.5-inch version (UML):

  • To mount on poles: Accepts standard PAW U-Bolt for mounting to poles (UM-UB) .
  • Arm length
    • UBAM: 17.5 inches diagonally and 19.5-inches total length (see photo)
    • UML Dimension Length - 27 1/2" & Depth - 25 1/2" (see photo)
  • 2 sets of pipe mount holes for added installation flexibility
  • Galvanized steel and powder coat painted

Suitable for:

Features in Common of All the Mounts Offered on This Page:

  • Attractive Styling
  • Full 90 Degree Tilt Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Steel Pipe for greater strength
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Roof or Wall Mounting
  • Under-Eave Mounting
  • Interior or Exterior
  • Standoff mounting to poles


  • 12-inch with 2-inch outer diameter, slips over 1.5 to 1.66 inch outside-diameter mast or J-pipe.
  • Antenna mast adapter to change a 1.66 outer diameter to a 2-inch outer diameter.

The 2-inch diameter end of this antenna J-mount / mast extension fits over the pipe mast to make these ten inches longer, after netting out two inches that covers the 1.5 O.D or 1.66-O.D. mast.

Just slide the lip over the edge of the pipe & wires, tighten the bolts, and mount your antenna to it.

  • Length: 12 inches
  • O.D.: 2 inches
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs
  • Slide pipe onto existing pole
  • Tighten bolts to secure to existing pipe
  • Mount antenna onto the adapter pipe.