Antenna Mount for Tile Roof - suitable for Dish, Large Antennas


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Antenna Mount for Tile Roof

Suitable for Satellite Dish, Ubiquiti antennas, HDTV, or any other large antenna.

Accommodates Dish Network and other antenna based systems with a surface area of 3.14 sq.ft. & under. The tile mounts consist of the mounting plates for the J-mount pole /mast that you see in the photo. The J-mount / pipe-mast is sold separately.

Compatibility with our J-mounts:
  • Our 21" mount and 38" mounts (SKUs MOUNT21 & MOUNT38 respectively) are compatible with this tile-roof mount on this page (TILEMT), which is the smaller of our two tile-roof mount versions.
  • None of our other J-mounts are compatible with TILEMT, which is our smaller tile-mount

UBAM and UML pipe-mast w/ mounting foot / bracket DO NOT have the correct bolt-hole configuration to fit the TILEMT & TILEMTS: These are both J-mount type pipe-mast mounts.

Mast and dish/antenna not included with the Tile Mount.


  • Made of Galvanized Steel and Powder-coated for Long-Lasting Corrosion Resistance
  • Will not void roof warranty


Our U.FL cables' range of frequency band compatibility (from 0 to 18GHz) and 50 Ohms impedance matching, makes them suitable and compliant for all the above applications.


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6 Reviews

  • 4
    Great mounting plate

    Posted by HH on 16th Jul 2021

    Oh boy! this tile roof antenna mount is great, strong and perfect for the antenna mount job. the only gripe I have is no hardware specs nor instructions on the shipped box. It will be helpful for average user (user friendly) otherwise my review could be of 5 stars.

  • 4
    good product BUT Stainless bolts seized / galling

    Posted by Cameron on 28th Aug 2018

    As an WISP we use these a lot, and generally like them, with one exception the hardware. Wish they shipped with hot dipped galvanized instead of stainless. When we try and remove after installation 80% of the time we cut it off the roof with a saw saw because the hardware seized. When we get new ones I now purchased galvanized bolts and throw away the stainless. My only complaint is the hardware, the mount is great!!

  • 5

    Posted by ciro on 23rd May 2017

    Good product. Fast update on the shipping. Love that products like that gets available to homeowners and not just contractors. Thank you

  • 5
    worked well.

    Posted by Jack on 24th Feb 2016

    As the other review stated, I also used this with the flat style tile. You do have to lift the upper row quite high to slide the hooks under. I was able to do it at the peak of the roof. Would be helpful if it came with instructions. Item shipped quickly and arrived fast as I'm also in Arizona. Great company to do business with.

  • 5
    Worked out perfect.

    Posted by Kylee on 23rd Feb 2016

    Ordered this product last minute to accommodate a tricky install, customer couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out.

  • 5
    Super High Quality, Also Works on Flat Tile Roofs

    Posted by Matt B on 17th Jun 2015

    I was so impressed by the quality of this mount. I was using it to mount a ClearStream 2 antenna. After receiving this mount, I understood why it was rated for satellite dishes and large antennas. It is probably overkill for my small ClearStream antenna, but it was the only mount I could find for a tile roof which I would not have to drill holes. I was concerned at first because the photos show the mount being used on a rounded tile roof. However, it worked perfectly on my flat tile roof. The holes in the mounting base which came with my ClearStream antenna did not line up with the holes in this mount. I had planned on just drilling new holes. However, after seeing that this quality mount had pre-drilled holes which were also threaded, I decided to do it right and purchased the antenna mount 21-Inch Pipe Mast (Mount21) in order to mount my antenna.