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Antennas by Ubiquiti

Dual Polarity Antennas

Linearly polarized antennas radiate RF signals in one plane in the direction of propagation. Linearly polarized antennas can either be oriented vertically or horizontally, they also require alignment between transmitter and receiver. Circularly polarized antennas radiate RF in a cylindrical pattern. 

Dual polarized antennas radiate in both the horizontal and vertical RF patterns, simultaneously.
The most significant advantage of dual polarity antenna over horizontal and vertical polarity antennas is their use in high-density environments. High population density areas have severe RF congestion: High levels of noise and interference. Dual polarity antennas overcome congestion by radiating in both horizontal and vertical patterns, whereas standard linearly-polarized antennas are radiating in only one linear pattern.
RF antennas can be polarized in one of three ways; Vertical polarization which is the most popular, horizontal polarization or the least commonly used circular polarization. The plane of the electric field determines the orientation of the RF waveform. 
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