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Fiber Products

Ubiquiti UFiber Products

Ubiquiti UFiber products are designed for distribution of consumer high-speed, long-distance Ethernet connection across fiber cables. UFiber comprises of three main products.

UFiber Nano G

Nano G is a high-performance GPON optical network unit for consumer use. The unit has one GPON WAN port and a Gigabit Ethernet port with a throughput of up to 2.488 Gbps Downstream, and 1.244 Gbps Upstream. It is powered by a passive 25V PoE. 

The Nano G features a sleek design and a plug and play capability. An LED status display shows real-time information about the network such as speed, signal strength, and throughput. It is designed for indoor use and accommodates wall mounting. 

UFiber Loco

Loco means low cost. The UFiber Loco is a low-cost, low-power version of the Nano G but with the same performance and functional features. The LED display is replaced by indicator LEDs to show device status. The Loco unit can draw power from either the 24V passive PoE or from a USB power port.

UFiber OLT

This is robust high-performance 8-port GPON Optical Line Terminal. The OLT features two 10Gbps SFT+ port, an RJ45 serial port and flexible Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching. Amounting to a maximum throughput of 2.488 Gbps RX and 1.244 Gbps TX.

UFiber OLT can support a host of 128 ONUs at each port, totaling to 1024 units per OLT device from a distance of up to 20KM.

Ubiquiti UFiber products are controlled and managed by Ubiquiti’s Network Management Software (UNMS). The ONUs Loco and Nano G are compatible with a number of other third-party GPON OLT units such as ZTE OLT, FiberHome and Huawei OLT profile 2.

Ubiquiti also offers fiber cable assembly solutions and single-mode/ multi-mode fiber modules for network upgrades and installations under the UFiber line of products.
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